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Hoses and transfer accessories

Hoses and transfer accessories

Any transfer operation, by pump or by compressor, requires the use of accessories to be able to connect the transfer unit to the tanks

Equip’fluides offers you a large range of accessories intended for LPG transfer operations, such as hoses, fittings, liquid recovery valves and unloading adapters, sight flow indicators. This equipment, manufactured or distributed by Equip’Fluides, meets the most stringent requirements in the field of LPG transfer.

Swivel couplings Swivel couplings Swivel couplings allow the flow of fluid through a joint element in a moving piping system. More informations
Transfer hoses Transfer hoses The hose is the essential accessory for transferring LPG between two tanks. More informations
WECO couplings WECO couplings Weco couplings are screw-on couplings used on unloading hoses and loading arms, as well as on transport semi-trailers. More informations
Acme couplings Acme couplings ACME fittings are widely used screw fittings in the LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas industries. They can be mounted on hoses and loading arms, accessories, transport trucks. More informations
Unloading adaptors Unloading adaptors Valves specially designed to force open the double filling valves, mainly used during compressor transfer operations. More informations
Transfer valves Transfer valves These valves are specially designed to be connected to the check-lok valve and allow the recovery of the liquid phase from an LPG tank. More informations
Sight flow indicators Sight flow indicators The sight flow indicator is an essential accessory for visualizing the smooth running of an LPG transfer operation. More informations