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Transfer by compressor

Transfer by compressor

A wide range to meet your needs

Equip’fluides offers you a wide range of fixed or mobile transfer units developed around the technology of “dry piston” reciprocating compressors from renowned brands such as Corken, Blackmer or York and with a capacity of 3 to 200m3/hr of liquid LPG transfer.

Why choose a compressor to transfer LPG?

Many LPG tanks and piping systems do not provide the ideal NPSH conditions required by liquid transfer pumps. As a result, poor NPSH conditions lead to excessive pump maintenance. Since the compressors are only exposed to vapor LPG, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions.

A compressor is the ideal solution for transferring liquids to and from tanks with unloading ports located on the top (e.g. tank cars and underground tanks), or during unloading operations from LPG transport vehicles damaged (Wagons or LPG transport trucks turned over).

It is also an eco-responsible transfer solution because the compressor makes it possible to recover all the LPG contained in the tank (liquid phase and vapor phase), thus avoiding any burning operation harmful to our environment.

Maximum versatility…

A single compressor can be used for multiple applications. It is not uncommon for a tank car unloading compressor to also be used to load and unload trucks. The most common applications include liquid transfer between tanks, unloading/loading of liquid LPG, gas phase recovery, complete emptying of tanks (vapor phase and liquid phase) for maintenance purposes.