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Accessories and spare parts

Accessories and spare parts

Registers, preselectors and mechanical printers Registers, preselectors and mechanical printers The mechanical register displays the instantaneous volume as well as the general totalizer. It displays the volume in large, easy-to-read digits. More informations
TEX electronic register TEX electronic register The TEX represents the latest technological evolution in terms of electronic registers. More informations
Pulse output device (POD) Pulse output device (POD) The Liquid Controls Pulse Output Device (POD) converts the rotary motion of the Liquid Controls volumetric meter into electronic pulses. More informations
Back check valves for meters Back check valves for meters Prevents reverse flow of product between deliveries. It allows the delivery pipe to be held under load. More informations
Differential valves Differential valves Differential valves are placed on the meter outlet and work in conjunction with the air eliminator to stop the flow of product through the meter until the air/vapor is removed. More informations
Air eliminators Air eliminators Liquid Controls air and vapor eliminators remove air and vapor from metering systems. More informations
Strainers for meters Strainers for meters Liquid-control strainers help protect meters from serious damage caused by burrs dislodged from new piping, weldings residue or foreign matter. More informations