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Flanges and accessories

Flanges and accessories

Flanges are used to connect pipes, and provide high strength joints

They can be easily screwed and unscrewed for assembly, cleaning and pipe inspection operations. LPG pipes are also made up of accessories to be welded such as elbows, reductions or tees.

We supply a wide range of flanges and accessories to be welded for the realization of your LPG piping.

Shunts - ground braids Shunts – ground braids These flexible connections are used for electrical continuity or to make grounding connections (equipotential bonding of an installation). More informations
Welded fittings - Petroleum series Welded fittings – Petroleum series Weld-on, steel and EN 10253-2 compliant fittings are one of our many tube connection solutions. These products are resistant to high temperatures (<425°C) and are suitable for use under pressure guaranteed by compliance with the PED 97/23/EC standard. More informations
Flanges Flanges We offer several types of products: stamped and non-stamped rotating flanges, flanged flanges, blind flanges, welding neck... compatible with the main piping standards (SMS, ISO/metric). More informations
Flange gaskets Flange gaskets Flange gaskets are used to seal flanged connections. More informations