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Distribution set

Distribution set

Equipment mounted on the metered distribution circuit: Hose reels, hoses, meters, pumps, etc.

Corken sliding vane pumps Corken sliding vane pumps The Corken vane pump is an excellent choice for LPG transfer applications. Self-adjusting sliding vanes improve pumping efficiency and help […] More informations
Blackmer sliding vane pumps Blackmer sliding vane pumps Blackmer’s LGLD sliding vane pumps are ideal for LPG, Propane and Butane transfer applications. All LGLD pump models have an […] More informations
Swivel couplings Swivel couplings Swivel couplings allow the flow of fluid through a joint element in a moving piping system. More informations
Well thermometers Well thermometers For LPG meter on board a delivery truck. Allows you to perform the volume – mass conversion. More informations
Filler hose adapters Filler hose adapters Specially designed for the transfer of LPG from a delivery truck More informations
Quick acting valves Quick acting valves Mounted at the end of the delivery hose. More informations
3pcs ball valves 3pcs ball valves Body: Steel Sphere: Stainless steel Seals: PTFE ATEX logo / CE PED logo Fire safety NPT Threaded or BW ends […] More informations
Hose reels Hose reels Equip’fluides offers you its reels from the Cox reels or Delachaux range. More informations
Welded ends strainers Welded ends strainers Protection strainers for distribution of LPG or NH3 and other compatible industrial gases. More informations
Flanged ends strainers Flanged ends strainers Steel Y-strainer with PN40 or PN50 flanges. Removable stainless steel screen and bolted cap. More informations
Needle valves Needle valves Needle valves are valves used for precise and fine adjustment, they allow better control of the flow. Composed of a needle or needle type obturator placed at the head of an axis, the needle valve by closing comes to press a circular seal. More informations
Liquid-controls mechanical meters Liquid-controls mechanical meters Meters with mechanical display specially designed for on-board application on LPG delivery truck. More informations
Liquid-controls electronic meters Liquid-controls electronic meters Meters with electronic display specially designed for on-board application on LPG delivery truck. More informations
Thermometers for pipes Thermometers for pipes Dial thermometers for pipes. More informations
Pressure gauges Pressure gauges Glycerine Bath Manometers More informations
Flanged ends ball valves Flanged ends ball valves 2-piece steel ball valve with full bore for shutting off fluids in LPG, NH3 and other industrial gases pipes. More informations
Transfer hoses Transfer hoses The hose is the essential accessory for transferring LPG between two tanks. More informations
Acme couplings Acme couplings ACME fittings are widely used screw fittings in the LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas industries. They can be mounted on hoses and loading arms, accessories, transport trucks. More informations
Blackmer By-pass Blackmer By-pass These bypasses ensure simple and reliable operation and open with precision and close gently thanks to a patented design. More informations
Corken By-pass Corken By-pass Corken bypasses are self-priming differential pressure devices. More informations