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Swivel couplings

Swivel couplings allow the flow of fluid through a joint element in a moving piping system.

RT and RTCMF series

These couplings can be used for temporary or fixed applications. They are composed of male/female ends, a ball bearing and a sealing system.

They are particularly recommended for unloading hose applications.

In fact, hoses with fixed ends do not allow the filling connector to be easily oriented, thus causing significant torsional stresses on the hose.

The addition of a swivel coupling between the hose end and the filling coupling makes it easy to orient the filling coupling and thus avoid any damage to the hose.

Materials: Stainless steel, Buna / PTFE seals

PMS: 25 bar

Model End 1 End 2 Orientation
RT25 F1’’ NPT M1’’ NPT In line
RTCMF20 F3/4’’ NPT M3/4’’ NPT 90°
Swivel couplings