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Small bulk LPG storage tanks

Small bulk LPG storage tanks

These tanks are, as their name suggests, intended for the storage of small quantities of LPG.

They are mainly dedicated to domestic use such as heating homes. Their capacity varies from 275Kg to 5500Kg of LPG. They can be installed above ground (aerial tanks) or buried under ground.

Above-ground tanks have the advantage of better accessibility and therefore easier maintenance, but they are more exposed to the risk of external attacks. Underground tanks have the advantage of being protected against possible thermal or mechanical attacks and of reconciling environmental and operating constraints. On the other hand, their maintenance can be more delicate.

The installation of small bulk tanks meets regulatory criteria concerning their distance from homes, property lines and sources of combustible materials.

The openings and operating and control equipment for these tanks are generally installed on top of the tank and covered with a protective cover (in the case of above-ground tanks) or an access lock (in the case of underground tanks).

Equip’fluides offers a wide range of equipment for tank maintenance professionals.

This equipment, of Equip’fluid design or from the biggest brands in the field, perfectly meets the safety or regulatory requirements related to their use.