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Equipment for transfert

Equipment for transfert

Transfer is an essential step in the process of using refrigerant gases, but also in the context of maintenance operations on tanks and piping for these gases.

The ecological footprint but also the high cost of these gases requires the use of high-performance transfer equipment allowing the total transfer of these gases (liquid transfer and recovery of the gaseous phase)

We offer a wide range of transfer equipment and solutions, specially designed for your refrigerant gas transfer operations.

Industrial Corken turbine pumps Industrial Corken turbine pumps Corken brand industrial turbine pumps are ideal for low capacity applications with moderate to high differential pressures. More informations
Industrial Corken compressors Industrial Corken compressors The Corken Industrial Series range of compressors are designed to transfer many industrial and exotic gases for research, and the oil and gas industry. More informations
Moto-compressors on skids Moto-compressors on skids These units mounted on skids and driven by electric motors effectively meet the needs of LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas transfer applications. More informations
Stainless-steel hoses Stainless-steel hoses The stainless-steel hose is the essential accessory for transferring NH3 between two tanks. More informations
Break-away couplings for hoses Break-away couplings for hoses SBC break-away couplings are installed on flexible lines to prevent equipment (loading or unloading equipment, terminals themselves) from accidental pulling. More informations
WECO couplings WECO couplings Weco couplings are screw-on couplings used on unloading hoses and loading arms, as well as on transport semi-trailers. More informations
Acme couplings Acme couplings ACME fittings are widely used screw fittings in the LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas industries. They can be mounted on hoses and loading arms, accessories, transport trucks. More informations
Corken By-pass Corken By-pass Corken bypasses are self-priming differential pressure devices. More informations