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Acme couplings

ACME fittings are widely used screw fittings in the LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas industries. They can be mounted on hoses and loading arms, accessories, transport trucks.

The robustness of its ACME trapezoidal threading as well as its speed of screwing makes it a preferred fitting for your LPG applications.

Equip’fluides offers a wide range of ACME fittings and plugs.

They are available in different ACME thread sizes: 1’’1/4, 2’’1/4, 3’’1/4.

There are different types of assembly of these fittings on your installation: welding or screwing with NPT threads.

They are screwed in by hand and they can be tightened using the CLEACME specially designed for this use.

Acme couplings