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LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of two gases of natural origin, Butane and Propane, mainly from gas fields, but also from renewable resources.

Composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, these gases have a high and constant calorific value. They are liquefiable at low pressure and can therefore be packaged and transported very easily.

As gas energy, butane and propane are with methane the least carbonaceous fossil energy. Their combustion generates no particulate emissions and very little NOx.

What is LPG used for?

LPG, incidentally used in lighters (butane), is mainly used as fuel (cooking, hot water production or heating) or as fuel used by vehicles. They are also widely used in the poultry and horticulture sectors as well as for drying cereals before storing them in silos. The LPG production and distribution logistics chain involves various very specific businesses such as bulk storage (in refineries or depots), maintenance and upkeep of storage tanks, LPG transport, bulk distribution or in conditioning, the distribution of Autogas.

Since 1978, Equip’fluides has specialized in the manufacture of professional equipment dedicated to the LPG business.