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LPG semi-trailers

LPG semi-trailers

Semi-trailers make possible the transport of large volumes of LPG by road.

There are 2 types:

The semi-trailers without distribution set: It is a basic semi-trailer not equipped with a distribution unit. This type of vehicle is intended to travel with the tank full or empty between two installations.
It has a tank with a capacity of between 36,000 liters and 57,000 litres.

The semi-trailers with a distribution set: It is the same than the basic one but equipped with a fixed unloading module with pump, a hose on a reel and generally a meter.
Its tank has a capacity is between 47000 liters and 55800 liters.

Equip’Fluides offers a wide range of equipment for these two types of semi-trailers.