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Bare compressors and spare parts

Bare compressors and spare parts

EQUIP’FLUIDES offers a wide range of compressors suitable for different transfer applications and manufactured by the biggest brands, leaders in this field: CORKEN and BLACKMER

CORKEN or BLACKMER piston compressors are single-stage compressors. They are typically used for applications where the compression factor does not exceed 5:1. These are typically applications with low differential pressure such as unloading trucks, railcars, or ships.

These compressors can provide a single compression per revolution (single acting compressor) covering a wide range of flow (7 to 100m3/h) or two compressions per revolution (double acting compressor) for a capacity of 96 to 200m3/h.

CORKEN and BLACKMER compressors benefit from so-called “dry cylinder” technology: the compression pistons are isolated from the lubricated part by one or more seals, preventing LPG leaks or pollution of the LPG transferred by the compressor lubricating oil.

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