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Fixed filling units for LPG cylinders

Fixed filling units for LPG cylinders

This category meets local needs, for which a constant demand has been established, but the volume of which does not justify the investment in a high-capacity filling center

The SB filling station and the RB filling center are designed to minimize installation and operating costs (personnel, energy, etc.), and are built according to European safety standards, with quality and proven LPG equipment, for professional service.

Filling center type RB Filling center type RB EQUIP’FLUIDES has designed a complete center on skids allowing professionals to fill LPG cylinders with a capacity of 2.5 to 50Kg. More informations
Filling station type SB Filling station type SB EQUIP'FLUIDES has designed and offers a complete low-capacity basic unit, easy and quick to install near consumption areas, which allows the filling on demand of all sizes of LPG cylinders (butane, propane, or their mixture) from 3 to 50kg in a professional way, for a low cost. More informations