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Liquides industriels


Equip’fluides offers you a wide range of equipment and solutions, specially designed for your operations in the fields of chemical and petrochemical industrial liquids.

This equipment covers all the needs related to the transfer, counting but also the dosing of chemical liquids, petroleum products and pharmaceuticals.

Guillemin couplings Guillemin couplings Symmetrical couplings for suction and discharge in chemical industries, agriculture, and road transport. More informations
DRY-MATE dry-disconnect couplings DRY-MATE dry-disconnect couplings Safety connections for chemical fluids. More informations
DRY-LINK dry-disconnect couplings DRY-LINK dry-disconnect couplings DRY-LINK fittings are intended for use on expensive and/or hazardous chemicals. More informations
TODO dry-disconnect couplings TODO dry-disconnect couplings Self-sealing fittings in stainless steel or aluminum for petrochemical applications. More informations
SNAP-TITE dry-disconnect couplings SNAP-TITE dry-disconnect couplings Self-sealing fittings in stainless steel or galvanized steel for high pressure liquid and vapor products. More informations
Camlock couplings Camlock couplings Camlock couplings for all industrial applications. More informations
Safety camlock couplings Safety camlock couplings Self-locking cam fittings improve safety when transporting hazardous or expensive fluids and are compatible with standard cam fittings. More informations
Filling nozzle Filling nozzle Nozzles for fuels, lubricants, solvents,… More informations
Multi products conditionning units Multi products conditionning units These units make it possible to carry out the packaging of different products in drums, cans or containers. More informations
SAMPI Motor pumps and volumetric pumps SAMPI Motor pumps and volumetric pumps Sliding vane volumetric pumps for petroleum and chemical fluids. More informations
PTFE hoses PTFE hoses PTFE hoses consist of a convoluted PTFE tube covered with a stainless steel or polypropylene braid. More informations
Stainless-steel hoses Stainless-steel hoses Corrugated hoses reinforced with a stainless-steel braid. More informations
Composite hoses Composite hoses Composite hoses comprising a polypropylene or PTFE sheath with a synthetic textile outer covering. More informations
Multi-product dosing sets Multi-product dosing sets These sets allow you to achieve the precise dosage of multiple products necessary for the preparation of your mixtures. More informations
Liquid-controls PD meters Liquid-controls PD meters PD meters with mechanic or electronic display for chemical or petroleum fluids. More informations
FPP PD meters FPP PD meters Oval gears PD meters for chemical and petroleum fluids More informations
FILL RITE PD meters FILL RITE PD meters PD meters with mechanical display for solvents and fuels More informations