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LPG storage

LPG storage

LPG, due to its composition and characteristics, has the advantage of being liquefied and stored more easily than other gases.

After its extraction or production, the LPG is transported to secondary storage sites, relay depots and filling centers. Relay depots provide intermediate storage of bulk LPG gas for subsequent delivery by truck to the tanks of private or professional customers.

These tanks can be of 2 types: small bulk tanks for domestic use with a capacity of 1700Kg, large bulk tanks for industrial use with a capacity that can exceed 50 tons. These tanks can be installed above ground (aerial) or buried under embankments.

Storage tanks, whether aerial or underground, large bulk or small bulk, require a lot of equipment to ensure their safe operation.

Equip’fluides offers you a wide range of equipment specially designed for small bulk and large bulk tanks and meeting the regulations in force in the field.