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WECO couplings

Weco couplings are screw-on couplings used on unloading hoses and loading arms, as well as on transport semi-trailers.

WECO fittings, union type, are equipped with 3” 13/16 or 5” 3/8 ACME threads.

They are tightened by hand, and they can be locked using the CLEWECO specially designed by Equip’fluides.

Equip’fluides offers a wide range of WECO connectors and caps.

They are available in different sizes depending on the DN of the piping:

  • DN50 2’’ (ACME 3’’ 13/46 thread)
  • DN80 3’’ (ACME 5’’ 3/8 thread)

There are different types of fittings for these fittings on your installation: welding, screwing with NPT pitch, or flange (PN40 or PN50 ASA300).

WECO couplings