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Liquid-controls electronic meters

Meters with electronic display specially designed for on-board application on LPG delivery truck.

The measurer

Also called the measuring chamber, this is the heart of the counting system. The meter measuring chamber (1) is formed by 3 cylindrical bores (2). Three rotors, the locking rotor (3) and two vanes (4.5) rotate synchronously inside the bores. The three rotors are supported by flanges (6.7). The rotors are driven with each other by sprockets (8,9 and 10).

As fluid flows through the meter housing, the rotors rotate and separate the fluid into uniform sections. We thus obtain an identical cyclic volume at each revolution of the rotor. It is thus possible to determine the exact volume of the liquid which passes through the meter. The meter or measuring chamber can be equipped with different such as: Filter (at meter inlet), Gas separator purger.

The pulse sensor

It transforms the mechanical movement of the measuring chamber into electrical impulses that can be directly used by the electronic computer.

The electronic register

It transforms the impulses received into indications readable and usable by the operator. The electronic calculator can also perform the following functions: dose preselection, ticket printing, pulse output (for remote reporting), product temperature management, volume conversion according to temperature, remote control.

Equip’Fluides offers you different models of meters (with or without accessories) depending on your applications.

Liquid-Controls meters comply with European directives (PED, ATEX and MID) pending on your applications

Liquid-controls electronic meters
Liquid-controls electronic meters
Liquid-controls electronic meters
Liquid-controls electronic meters

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