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Strainers for meters

Liquid-control strainers help protect meters from serious damage caused by burrs dislodged from new piping, weldings residue or foreign matter.

The initial cost of a filter is good insurance against the cost of downtime and spare parts caused by a damaged meter.

A meter inlet filter recommended even when a coarse filter is already fitted upstream of the pump.

Meter filters are not intended for use as a system filter, but as limited protection for the metering element itself.

How LC filters work:

When a liquid product enters the filter housing, it is routed through the filter basket.

The strainer basket is a two-layered strainer. The inner screen is in fine mesh of 20, 40, 80, 100 or 200 mesh.

The outer screen functions as a stand. It gives reinforcement and support to the fine mesh inner screen. The liquid passes through the strainer and then enters the measuring chamber.

Any debris larger than the basket mesh is caught in the basket.

Basket mesh selection is generally based on maximum fluid viscosity at minimum ambient temperature.

Strainers for meters

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