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Mobile motor-compressor

Mobile compressor units, with diesel engines and compressors from the CORKEN or York range.


These mobile units, driven by diesel engine, effectively meet the needs of LPG, NH3 and other liquefied gas transfer applications such as the emptying of small bulk and large bulk tanks and the unloading of light trucks and semi-trailers.

These units incorporate CORKEN compressors from the 91 to 891 series.

They are reciprocating compressors, vertical, with single or double action and single stage, studied to transfer liquefied gases without oil.

They are equipped with a Diesel engine from the HATZ range, fully RTMD safe and equipped with a manual clutch.

Specifications Models
DA210 91 291 491
Max flow Propane (m3/h) 3 11.4 23 49
4 way valve No Yes Yes Yes
Liquid trap No Yes Yes Yes
Application Small bulk transfer Small bulk transfer Big bulk transfer Big bulk transfer
Vapor recovery ? No Yes Yes Yes
Mounting style GMC100 GMC11 GMC10D291 GMC10D491
Mobile motor-compressor

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