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Motor-pump unit GMP150C and GMP075C

The GMP150C and GMP075C series pump units are equipped with Corken brand turbine pumps which are reputed to be very solid.

The floating impeller fitted to the Corken F150 and F075 pumps minimizes wear and provides years of trouble-free service.

The impeller pump allows for continuous use and is an excellent choice for low flow rates and moderate to high differential pressures. The liquid circulates between the teeth of an impeller as it rotates between the pump body and the head. Since the impeller is free-floating, there is no metal-to-metal contact, so the pump is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Technology: Turbine.
  • Brand: Corken.
  • CE PED and CE ATEX compliant.
  • Connections (suction / discharge): 1.5’’ ASA300 / 1’’ ASA300.
Model Flow rate (m3/hr) Delta p (bar) Motor power (Kw)
GMP075C 2.5 10 bar 5.5
GMP150C 5.1 10 bar 7.5
Motor-pump unit GMP150C and GMP075C

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