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Autogas nozzles

LPG dispensing nozzles from the Equip’Fluides are of excellent quality. The whole range is the result of more than 40 years of experience.

The nozzle is produced entirely with top quality materials and is designed to achieve maximum efficiency.

Connection to the vehicle socket: “Radial claws” increasing the gripping surface and therefore the security of the connection.

Release system: “UNHOOK SYSTEM” (it allows, with a simple movement of a finger, to disconnect the nozzle from the socket).

Materials: brass, aluminium, nbr, nylon.

They provide great resistance to wear, keeping a good quality-price ratio.

Maintenance: very simple.

Emissions: Extremely reduced gas emission during disconnection.

Option: lever for hooking on NBL series nozzle support.

Autogas nozzles

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