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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a compound of carbon and oxygen atoms widely used in industry in its different forms: liquid, gas and solid.

CO2 is naturally present in the atmosphere but it is also a by-product of industrial processes.

In the liquid state, CO2 is used as a refrigerant for certain foods but also as an extinguishing agent and as a propellant for drinks served under pressure.

In the gaseous state, Co2 has many uses such as:

  • Fire extinguishing
  • Sparkling component in carbonated drinks;
  • In aquariums and greenhouse culture for better plant growth;
  • In controlled atmosphere packaging as a neutralizing element;
  • In drinking water distribution, associated with carbonate, to control the acidity of the water.
  • Solubilization of limestone in water
  • Racking of beer

In its solid state, it has many names: “dry ice”, “dry ice”,…

It is used in this form for:

  • Dry ice blast cleaning
  • The conversation
  • Events and special effects
  • Winemaking