Created in 1978, Equip'Fluides has a long experience in the field of equipment for liquefied gases, and in the metering and measuring systems for the petrochemical industry.
This experience is the result of a long partnership with the distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gases leaders. It has in the meantime diversified its activities to offer a wide range of equipment suitable for all types of fluids.
Equip'Fluides provides the best services to its customers through a monitoring and assistance in all the product lines and systems it implement for the industry.
We provide an assistance to our clients throughout the life of our products.



Equip'Fluides has been certified ISO 9001 v2015 by AFNOR CERTIFICATION for many years.

We offer products and services comply with quality requirements of our customers as well as the applicable regulations:

- Calibration of volumetric meters in our workshops with approved DRIRE calibration station or directly on the customer's installation.

- Equipments complying with ATEX 94/9/EC, PED 2014/68/EU, ADR and regulation for transporting hazardous material by road.

-Equipment for measuring pressure and temperature complying with COFRAC standards.



Equip'Fluides holds DRIRES approvals required for the manufacturing and control of flexible hoses for the transport of hazardous materials.

Equip'fluides is therefore allowed to produce any type of flexible hoses for Liquefied Petroleum Gases without regulatory limitations in order to comply with the very strict requests and standards with regards to security.


Equip'fluides is committed to provide a service at the highest level, based on four fundamental principles: advice, innovation, quality and support.

Equip'fluides is a reliable partner throughout the life of your installation.

SALES : Equip'Fluides provide you advices and support in selecting equipment suitable for your installation.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTS : The trust of large industrial Groups in Equip'Fluides has resulted in the development of new products. Intended for the LPG market, our systems offers a better control of the process and optimize the safety of the people and the equipment.
Equip'fluides designs and manufactures equipments to meet your specific requirements.
We study your requests and specifications to provide solutions that meet your needs.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT : Equip'fluides is able to respond to extremely broad and varied requests through a wide range of products complying with various regulations:
- Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC)
- ATEX (94/9/EC)
- Appendix D1 ADR (transport regulation of hazardous materials)

AFTER SALES SERVICE : Equip'fluides provides a national after-sales service specifically developed to meet the needs of our customers.
Equip'Fluides provides an after sales service 5 days per week through:
- A permanent telephone presence
- Workshop technicians able to travel to your site.
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