This is a new flange sealing solution to an old problem. This System will improve all areas of plant operation that are impacted by the need for reliable performance of flange joints. This is achieved b simplifying the range of choices that are required to achieve a more reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of sealing all flanged joints around the globe in the mining, process, chemical, oil & gas, paper & pulp and agriculture industries.
This seal makes Kammprofile performance available across a wider range of applications, reducing the total cost of Kammprofile sealing by delivering one common sealing element per pipe size which, when installed into the appropriate "Life Time" centering ring, can be applied to all international flange standards and all flange pressure classes.


Higher sealing integrity - less leaks and fugitive emissions.

Lower inventory - reduced cost, materials use and transport, reduced risk of applying the wrong seal to a flange

Lower life cycle cost

Reduced maintenance.

Increased opportunities for re-use - lower disposable waste volumes
The sealing element

The Sealing Element serrations have been designed in accordance with DIN EN1514-6 for flat and raised face flanges.

The Serrated Gasket Technology not only effects a tight seal under low bolt loads and initial seating
stresses, but also exhibits a greater resistance to high and uncontrolled / excessive bolt loading, without compromising the joint integrity.
The Serrated Gasket Technology has also shown superior tightness in cyclical temperature/ pressure environments, proving a reliable and environmentally friendly high integrity joint seal, suited for the most challenging environments.
Reusable guide ring

The unique reusable outer guide ring means that only the sealing element needs to be replaced when changing the gasket. This results in significant savings over other metallic designs on the market and savings increase with the number of replacements. Reusable patented guide ring means lower costs and reduced inventory.

The revolutionary design facilitates the easy removal of the sealing element from the outer ring.
The sealing element can be removed at the flange, at stores or at the supplier.
A new sealing element clips easily back into the guide ring.

Guide ring: Stainless steel 304

Swing loop: Stainless steel 304

Sealing core: Stainless steel 316L

Laminations: Flexible Graphite or PTFE

Stainless steel 304 540°C

Stainless steel 316L 850°C

Flexible graphite 450°C in oxidizing atmosphere, 3000°C in non-oxidizing.

PTFE 250°C
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