16" double case PD flowmeter
with mech register
Flowmeter with LCR-TE550, POD and HPV valve

The new PD meters are today available for the measurement of all the liquids industrially used in a range of models so wide, either in the standard version either in the jacketed version, to meet, even contemporary, operating specifications as severe as :
- max operating pressures up to 150 bar.
- max operating temperatures up to 250 °C.
- max viscosity up to 50.000 cSt.
- flow rate ranges from few hundreds of litres/hour to 2000 m3/h, with equipment sizes from 1" to 16".

Several manufacturing and operating features, hereinafter evidenced, have permitted to EQF new PD meters to be considered a practically unreplaceable equipment in many fields of application and have also allowed its use in many different industrial sectors.

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